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Homemade Holiday Hand Soap

Happy Friday & happy December! I hope you had a nice holiday. Both of our Thanksgivings were really nice. The best dish was definitely my mom’s stuffing. I made it for the first time, but it was the only dish without an actual “recipe” (it was one of those, “add a bit of this, add a lot of this, etc.” kind of things. I made notes with exact measurements, so I hope to share it with you all soon.

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that over the holiday, I made another new recipe (not one you can eat though) Smile.


I have been making homemade foaming soap for awhile now, but since the colder weather is approaching and my hands get SO dry (I’m an obsessive hand washer), I needed to make a thicker/more moisturizing hand soap. I searched the Internet for some recipes and found one at Body unburdened. I pretty much followed this recipe, but made some adjustments to measurements since I was making a larger batch.

The result? It leaves my hands feeling clean and very moisturized. I love that my hands aren’t splitting from dry skin (like they normally start  to do around this time of year). It’s very inexpensive to make & it has all-natural/safe ingredients.

Here are the ingredient’s you’ll need to fill 2 medium-sized hand soap dispensers (pictured above):

  • 3/4 cup water
  • 1/3 cup castile soap (I used Dr. Bronner’s Unscented)
  • 3 tbsp. of a carrier oil (I used a mixture of jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and vitamin E oil)
  • 2 leveled tsp. guar gum (I bought mine on Amazon); be sure not to use more than this or your soap will be too thick.
  • 30 drops of essential oils (I used peppermint, thieves,  & orange to create a nice holiday smell, but to also help with killing germs)


1. In a small bowl, whisk carrier oil with the guar gum until completely smooth.

2. In a large bowl, stir together water, castile soap, and essential oils.

3. Add the guar gum mixture to the water mixture. Stir until thoroughly mixed.

4. Pour into hand soap dispensers.

*Tip* – Be sure to use a high-quality brand of essential oils, as some brands out there contain harmful ingredients (even though they claim to be “pure” and “organic”). The only brand I trust completely is Young Living. If you’d like more information about essential oils, please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.

Products Made-Over {Part 3}

Happy Friday! A few posts ago, I wrote about how I’ve been learning so much about the harmful chemicals in most products that I was using. I wrote about the new shampoo and conditioner I’m in love with here. I’m still in love (if not, more in love) with both the shampoo and conditioner. I love the fact that the ingredients are nontoxic and contain no harmful chemicals. I also think it’s great how the first ingredient is organic aloe vera extract (rather than water like most shampoos contain).

My love for the Ava Anderson shampoo and conditioner prompted me to try some of the other nontoxic products in her amazing line. You can read about those products here.

Because I’m so passionate about spreading the word about toxic ingredients and the harmful effects they have on us, I decided to start my own business and become an Independent Ava Anderson Consultant. I decided to do this because it would give me the opportunity to help others identify harmful chemicals (while also helping to find other products that are safer to use).

This week I went through my old products, read labels, and tossed everything that had harmful ingredients. To my surprise, I had an entire large trash bag full of products.


I also received my new Ava Anderson products!!!!!


Normally, I would buy things “a little here, a little there”, but because I hosted an avaHour (online), I was able to get an incredible discount and even some free products! I haven’t tried all of them yet, but here’s a review of the ones I have tried: (if you’d like to earn a nice discount and free products, consider hosting  your own avaHour…contact me and I’ll tell you how)

Make-up remover – I cannot tell you how many different brands of make-up removers I’ve tried in the past. Unfortunately, most of them were filled with toxic ingredients and didn’t work that well. This stuff is AMAZING! I was wearing waterproof eyeliner, which is normally extremely hard to get off. I used a couple of sprays on a cotton round and like magic it was all off! Take a look at the safe & natural ingredients: purified water (aqua), citrus aurantium dulcis (organic sweet orange) flower water, sodium cocoamphoacetate, yucca glauca (organic yucca) root extract, radish root ferment, carthamus tinctorius (safflower) oleosomes, citrus aurantium dulcis (organic sweet orange) peel oil

Bathroom & Hard Surface Cleaner – I used this on our granite kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, and bathtub. It worked really well and it smells so good! Here are the safe ingredients:filtered water, coconut oil, glucoside (sugar from non-GMO US corn), fatty acids from plants, enzymes (protease, lipase, amylase, cellulase & urease), citric acid, and a signature Ava essential oil blend of spearmint, lavender & neem. It’s nice knowing that after you clean a surface (especially in the kitchen), you’re not leaving harmful chemicals behind on the countertops.

The other thing I love about the Ava Anderson product line is that the products are so versatile! Take a look here at all of the many uses of the avaHome line:

multi use cleaner

Exfoliator – I used the exfoliator before using the face cleanser. When I got out of the shower, my face was super soft! Like most of the products, you don’t have to use much at all. In fact, I only used a little less than the size of a dime. Here are the ingredients: barbadensis leaf juice (organic aloe), yucca glauca root extract (organic yucca), glyceryl stearate, prunus armeniaca (organic apricot) seed powder, butyrospermum parkii (organic shea butter), carthamus tinctorious (organic safflower) oleosome, citrus aurantium dulcis (organic orange) peel oil, punica granatum (organic pomegranate) seed oil, aspalathus linearis (organic rooibos) leaf extract, xanthan gum, vegetable glycerin (kosher, non-GMO), stearic acid (from non GMO coconut), citrus paradisi (organic pink grapefruit) essential oil, olive wax, raphanus sativus (radish) root extract

I cannot wait to try some of the other products! This is the first nontoxic product line that I’ve used where I’ve loved everything because it works so well. I cannot say enough about it.

If you’d like to learn more about the Ava Anderson product line, be sure to check out my personal website:


Feel free to browse or shop my catalog. If you do make a purchase, be sure to use party id# 79645 at checkout!

I also have a Facebook page. Here you’ll find product information and other information about nontoxic living. Be sure to “like” it so that you get the latest and greatest information: Ava Anderson Non-Toxic with Kristin

If you have any questions, either leave a comment here, or send me an email. Smile

Products Made-Over {Part 2}

Happy Tuesday! Can you believe that today is the last day of June? This summer is flying by so quickly. I’ve been learning so much about the harmful chemicals in most products and it’s downright scary. I really hope through my posts I’ll be able to help you identify toxic ingredients and help you find products that are safer to use.

I wanted to do a follow-up post regarding my products make-over. A few posts back I wrote about my hair products make-over. I’m happy to report that I’m still loving the shampoo and conditioner. In fact, because it worked so well, I recently tried some more products from the Ava Anderson line.

I have NEVER found a natural product line that works so well. Honestly, every single product I’ve tried has been incredible. I’m most impressed with the skin care line. Here are the products I’m currently using (and in love with):

photo (55)

From left to right:

Shampoo & Conditioner– You can read my review here. I also want to add that I don’t wash my hair every day, but it looks and feels clean between washes. In the past, if I skipped a wash it was noticeable (the next day my hair would be flat, & weighed down). With this product, my hair maintains it’s body and doesn’t get weighed down between washes.

Cleanser– This stuff is great! I use this as my face wash, but it can also be used as body wash. It does a great job removing makeup and dirt. The other great thing about this cleanser is that you literally only need a tiny drop because a little goes a long way. It creates a great lather and has a delicious citrus scent. This has been perfect for my sensitive skin.

Moisturizer & Night Serum– I use the moisturizer in the morning and at night. At night I also add one pump of the night serum. I have combination skin, so it can be very finicky. In the past, I’ve either had products that dry out my skin, or leave it too oily and cause a breakout. This stuff does neither. When I wake up in the morning, my skin is so soft and glowing!

BB Cream– BB Creams are new to me. I’ve never used them in the past because I didn’t really understand what they were used for. This cream is lighter than foundation (perfect for the summer) but provides a tinted coverage. The best part is that it has added skin care benefits like SPF and anti-oxidants. I’m amazed at the coverage and how it creates such an even appearance. It doesn’t look like you’re wearing anything at all. It just looks like you have flawless skin.

Sunscreen– Let me first start off by saying that I am not a fan of sunscreen. I don’t like feeling greasy. I don’t like the smell of sunscreen and I don’t like how most of them break out my face. This stuff is so very gentle (I also use it on my 9-month old who has extremely sensitive skin). It goes on smooth and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy at all. It also doesn’t give you that “stinging” feeling that some sunscreens can. It provides great coverage too!

Deodorant (not pictured…forgot to put it in the picture)- Okay, this is a pretty big deal. I’ve never found a non-toxic deodorant that actually works. I sweat a lot (especially when I workout). When I bought this, I went into it thinking that “it probably won’t work”. To my surprise, not only did it work, but it worked better than the more “toxic” brand that I’ve been using for the past 7 years. For me, finding a non-toxic deodorant was so important because your underarms are the location of many lymph nodes. I didn’t want to put anything toxic on that area. This stuff is amazing.

I must say that I’m beyond impressed with the Ava Anderson line. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment or send me an email.

Hair Products Made-Over

Happy Friday! I wanted to share the new hair care products I’ve been using (and loving). Since discovering how toxic most of the products I was using were, I’ve been on a mission to switch over to less toxic beauty and household products. You can read about some of the household products I’m currently using here.

My goal is to eventually use all products that are either a “0-2” rating according to EWG. It definitely takes a while to make the switch completely due to research, trying products, and of course, funds. One of the best ways that I have discovered new products is by talking to people and hearing their recommendations. In fact, it was through a friend that I found my new favorite hair care products by Ava Anderson (I haven’t tried any of the other products, but if they are anything like this shampoo and conditioner, I’m going to love them).

shampooconditionerphoto source

Seriously, when I say it’s my favorite, I’m not lying. The shampoo cleanses very well and the conditioner works better than any other conditioner I’ve ever tried. I have very thick hair and usually have a tough time conditioning it. I felt like this conditioner started working immediately and I had no tangles (!!!!!) when I got out of the shower. Not to mention, it didn’t weigh my hair down like most conditioners do. Another bonus is that a little goes a long way, so you won’t need to replace it as often. With an EWG rating of “2” and the fact that they work so well, I found my new hair care line.

Check out all of the different kinds of products they offer:

  • Skin
  • Face
  • Body
  • Sun
  • Scent
  • Kids
  • Hair
  • Home
  • Smile
  • Baby
  • Garden
  • Men
  • Auto
  • Bugs
  • Pets
  • Candle

If you’d like more information about any of the Ava Anderson products, I highly recommend checking out Ava Anderson. That is a link to my friend Sara’s page. She’d love to answer your questions and help you find your next favorite (nontoxic) product!

I also purchased the Ava Anderson sunblock and BB cream. I haven’t used either yet, but when I do, I’ll be sure to share my thoughts with you.

Have a great Friday!

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