I wanted to share this super easy recipe with you. If you have little ones that need a some extra help unwinding before bedtime, you’re going to want to make this soap! As a bonus, it has absolutely no harmful chemicals & is safe for the most sensitive skin.

Before I started researching essential oils, I thought people just used them in their homes to make it smell good. When I heard that people added them to their personal care products, I also thought it was just to make them smell good.

Little did I know that essential oils have an incredible therapeutic affect on our health.  Yes, they can make our houses & products smell good, but the number of ways that essential oils can support our health is mind-blowing.

After researching essential oils that support relaxation & promote sleep, I started experimenting with some of these oils. The first oil I tried was lavender. After about 1 month of diffusing lavender and having no luck getting my daughter to sleep, I knew I needed to try something else. It turns out, lavender can actually have the opposite affect on some people. Instead of providing a calming & relaxing feeling, it can actually make people feel alert & awake. Lavender does this to both me and my daughter (needless to say, we don’t diffuse this at bedtime anymore).

The 2 essential oils that have worked WONDERS for us for promoting sleep are Cedarwood & Vetiver. Here is a little information about each of these essential oils.









I think it’s important to note that prior to making this recipe, I used each oil individually to see how my daughter would react. At first, I used this recipe with only the Cedarwood oil. It worked! Sleep was happening! After we finished the bottle of soap (which was about a month later), I made the recipe with just the vetiver oil. And again, it worked! So, now that I knew both of these oils were excellent with supporting a good night’s sleep, I decided to make a batch of soap with both oils. I wanted to keep Cedarwood in the recipe because of it’s amazing skin benefits (especially during a cold winter with lots of dry skin).  And that, my friends, is how this recipe came about.

IMG_6167 (1)


1. In a foaming hand soap dispenser, add the soap, vegetable glycerin, jojoba oil, & essential oils.

2. Give it a little swirl to mix the ingredients.

3. Enjoy!

When using essential oils topically, it is extremely important to dilute them with a carrier oil (especially when used on children). Not sure how many drops to use or what carrier oil is best? Send me an email & I’ll be happy to share that information with you.

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