Happy New Year! Many of us have set healthy goals for ourselves for 2017. You can read about my 2017 fitness goals here. For me, it’s pretty easy setting goals for myself. The hardest part is sticking to them.

Here are some strategies for sticking to your workout routine.

Whether you decide to start working out more often thanks to a New Year’s resolution or another reason or you have been exercising regularly for years, it can sometimes be tough to get your feet out the door and have it be a habit that you keep and that you continue for the foreseeable future. Fortunately, you can take advantage of several methods to get that extra jump back in your step.

Positive Visualization

The experiences that we imagine for ourselves are what invariably end up resulting, and many people who have trouble sticking with a workout routine are those who keep on visualizing themselves not being active for one reason or another. Change that mindset and start visualizing yourself as becoming – or continuing as – an active person, one who sticks to a workout routine and who is better because of it.

Think of The Example You are Setting

If you have people that look to you as a role model, particularly if you have children, remember that everything that you do sets an example for them, and this includes how physically active you are. Thinking of exercise as something that you do for others, not just for yourself, can really help propel you out the door and into a more physically healthy routine.

Set a Goal

If running is part of your workout routine, picking a race is a perfect way to stay motivated. You can choose a local race or even pick one that would require a road trip, maybe even an overnight stay, in a city that is on the other side of the state or perhaps even the other side of the world. Regardless of the goal, having something specific to push towards has been proven to keep people more motivated and result in them being more successful than not.

Of course, this strategy can still be used even if you are not interested in running a race. Plenty of competitions revolving around swimming or bicycling also take place all around the world while you could also do something like have a healthy weight-loss target or make your ways towards a goal of walking a certain amount for a number of times a week, lifting a specific weight, something like that.

Make sure that the goal is a mix of being a challenge while being realistic as well. If you realize that your goal is not at all realistic, feel free to adjust it. You want to be challenged; you don’t want to be demoralized.

Insert Workouts Into Your Schedule

Start treating workouts as an integral part of your day, of your week. You have to be at work at 8 a.m.? Children need to be picked up in the afternoon? Your run or workout session should be treated similarly. It’s even better if you can do it at the same time every day although it is understandable if your life is not as structured as would be necessary to allow that. But whenever you do schedule it in, stick to that time.

If you can do it then, morning or mid-day workouts have specific benefits in that they tend to energize you for the rest of the day. However, evening sessions are great too if that’s the time that you have free or are most motivated.

But Don’t Be Too Structured!

Of course, when you work out can remain structured, but the types of workouts that you do should vary at least a little, or you may end up bored or, worse, burned out. Make sure to incorporate fun, relaxing workouts as well as intense ones and more run-of-the-mill workouts. And change up what you do. For example, if you are training for a 5K or longer race, incorporate things like bicycling, dancing, basketball or volleyball, things to break up the monotony.

More Visualization

As you are going to sleep, visualize as specifically as possible your workout for the following day. If you’re going to work out first thing in the morning, you can even leave out some Fabletics clothes so that you can sleepily roll out of bed, put them on and step out the door before you fully wake up.

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Whenever you are going to exercise, visualize every step of the process as vividly as you can, from dressing to warming up to the workout itself and then the cool down. This works in all aspects of your life, and that includes the workouts that you have scheduled into your days.

Surround Yourself With Supportive People

If possible, surround yourself with supportive people. Of course, don’t let unsupportive family members stop you from stepping out the door, but it does help if they back you. Also consider working out with like-minded people who want to get into and continue exercising on a regular basis as well. Knowing that a friend is waiting to go on that run with you is a very strong motivating tool.

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