Hey there! I hope everyone that celebrates Thanksgiving, had a great one! Time is going by so quickly. Can you believe that tomorrow is the first day of December?!?!?

There’s been so much going on here lately. First, the 2015 Fall Shred is underway and the group is nothing short of amazing. Not only are they working hard to reach their goals, but they encourage one another along the way. I’m honored to be “coaching” this awesome group.


We put up our Christmas decorations already (yes, we’re that family that puts them up before Thanksgiving). We had some extra time this past weekend, so we figured we’d decorate. I cannot put into words the feelings I got when I saw my little girl’s excitement when she saw the decorations for the first time (especially the Christmas tree). It almost feels like I’m experiencing the holidays for the first time myself.

Holiday Goodies

Giant Food Stores was kind enough to send me some sample from their delicious new holiday line. For a limited time, Giant has introduced an assortment of Peppermint Limited Time Original items. There are more than 50 seasonal peppermint-filled products now available for a limited time only at Giant.


Some of these goodies include: peppermint cupcakes, ice cream, gelato, double layer cake or double filled peppermint sandwich cream cookies, peppermint seltzer, peppermint craft soda, peppermint tea, crushed baking chips, milk chocolate covered marshmallows with crushed peppermint, chocolate bark, brownie and cookie mixes.

The peppermint bark was absolutely delicious. You can tell it’s made from top quality dark chocolate. My husband and I also tried the peppermint sandwich cookies. We actually did a “taste test” and compared them with peppermint flavored Oreo cookies. In all honesty, we both preferred Giant’s brand. It had more of a “fresh” cookie crunch and the peppermint filling had actual candy cane pieces in the icing. Yum!

I haven’t made the peppermint whoopie pies just yet, but when I do, I’ll let you know how they are. If you have a Giant Food Store near you, I highly recommend trying out some of these delicious holiday treats. If you do give them a try, let me know what your favorites are!

Full disclosure: Giant Foods sent me the pictured items to sample. However, this review and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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